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MadiSUN is the City of Madison’s initiative to expand solar energy for homes, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. For 2024, three programs are available to help grow solar in Madison.

Toland and Passos standing on roof with solar panels and golden retriever

Group Buy for Homes

The MadiSUN solar group purchase program brings together households across the area and uses their collective buying power to get a great deal on rooftop solar at home. Our team of community members reviews competing offers from solar companies across the region and selects a trusted partner to install your system, saving you time and money.

solar installer in a white hard hat giving a thumbs up on a roof with a solar panel

Solar for Business

The City of Madison and RENEW Wisconsin want to help your Madison business “go solar!” Focus on Energy incentives are available up to $50,000 and the City of Madison is contributing a limited pool of grants to further incentivize businesses to add solar power to their facilities.

Brian Lavendel and friends smiling in front of blue Full Spectrum Solar sign

Backyard Solar Grant

The MadiSUN Backyard Solar Grant fosters access to solar power for Madison community organizations and housing providers that serve City of Madison residents.  The MadiSUN Backyard Solar Grant initiative seeks to provide economic and environmental benefits of clean energy to local residents and neighborhood organizations.

Full Spectrum was a pleasure to work with. I was confident in their skills and expertise to size the system and install it. The project manager kept me informed throughout the process. Overall, a very good experience with both the program and the installer.

Josh Feyen

Solar panels were in our wish list, but we thought it would take us about 5 years to be able to afford them. When we learned about MadiSUN‘s group buy, it turned out it was very accessible and simpler than we thought! We are very glad we did it!

Thais Pessos

MadiSUN has been a pleasure to work with — from the initial emails, to an informational presentation with answers to financial concerns, they have provided timely answers and great resources.  Everyone has made this a very positive experience and we highly recommend the MadiSUN Solar Group Buy program!

Helena Tsotsis

With help from MadiSUN and Full Spectrum, WE ARE MAKING ELECTRICITY! Let the sun shine!

Brian Lavendel

We love the financial incentives, in terms the Federal Tax Credit for 30% of the cost of our system and Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy program rebates. Saving over 80% on our electric bill does not hurt either. Best of all, we feel like we are finally part of the solution, making our planet habitable for our grandchildren and beyond.

Anne Duffy

We’d thought about doing something with solar generation for a long time but it always seemed expensive and complicated. The group-buy savings and 30% tax credit and the rebate from Focus on Energy helped us decide. Both the MadiSUN folks and the crew from Full Spectrum Solar were professional and really helpful.  

Laurence Weber and Alison Lindsay-Mares

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